Freesat (itv-bbc) channels, how can I get them on an old skybox?

  ANORAK_IAN 21:31 15 Dec 2011

I'm looking to get Freesat (the itv-bbc, not sky) a new freesat box is out of the question. Saving money is the name of the game.

I have a three year old basic sky satellite system, from what I have read on the forums I can use the satellite dish and lnb, but what about the (THOMSON DS14214R) sky box? Is it possible to do some jiggery pokery to it to get freesat? If so what?

I have been thinking of splashing out £30 (lol) on ebay to get a HD/hdmi/hard-drive/usb sky box if that could be upgraded / messed with to get freesat. If you know of particular sky box that fit the bill please let me know what to go for, and what to do to it when I get it.


  dms_05 14:58 16 Dec 2011

Just connect your old Sky box to the dish and it will act as a Freesat receiver. No card is needed. The only minor problem might be 'regionalisation' of the box as it is likely to default to London. With BBC regions you can find them individually in the EPG slots number from (about) 960 onwards. ITV regions need to be added as 'Other Channels'.

If you want HD then you will need to buy an old Sky HD box and connect it exactly as above. However the PVR functions in Sky+ and Sky+ HD only work if you have a valid Sky subscription so you won't be able to record/playback.

Many Sky customers have simply canceled their Sky subscriptions and continued to use their installation as Freesat.

  ANORAK_IAN 16:46 16 Dec 2011

Are you sure this is Freesat(115+ channels), like we can get from a Freesat box, and not just a few free to air channels?

  tullie 19:20 16 Dec 2011

Freesat from sky has over 200 channels.

  ANORAK_IAN 21:53 16 Dec 2011

Thanks for your replies guys.

200 channels wow didn't know that, how do we get them? Just hooked up my old sky box, only a few free channels.

Thanks for your help.

  bowman 08:40 17 Dec 2011

I think if I remember right that you will require a Freesat card from sky? this is a one of payment of approx £25, This will give you accesses to all channels.

  dms_05 09:28 17 Dec 2011

No card is needed for Free to Air channels. A very small number of channels are FTV (Free to View) and they do require a card. However all BBC/ITV etc don't need a card in a Sky receiver.

So you understand fully what is going on - all the TV channels come from the same satellites operating under the same conditions. The only difference between Sky Freesat and Freesat is the EPG, all the programmes are EXACTLY the same. The full list is at . If you aren't receiving these then you have an equipment problem.

  ANORAK_IAN 10:30 17 Dec 2011

Thank you for your help, so what is the difference between a Sky reciver and a Freeview reciver, is it just the menu system?

Thank you for your help, so what is the difference between a Sky recover and a Freeview receiver, is it just the menu system?

Taking another look at my Sky TV there are a few more channels than I thought, but it’s a pain to find them among all the programs that I can’t receive (subscription). Is there a way to remove the subscription channels so I can see the free channels easier? Software or firmware upgrade?

There is a guy on eBay flogging information about getting hidden channels, do you recon this is any good?

Thanks again.

  ANORAK_IAN 10:32 17 Dec 2011

I forot to ask what is EPG?

  dms_05 12:05 17 Dec 2011

EPG is 'Electronic Programme Guide'. That's the menu system that allows you to navigate around the channels. A Sky box without a card will allow you to see exactly the same channels as a Freesat box - the only difference is the EPG (either Sky's or the one Freesat broadcast).

You can only receive Freesat on receivers brabded with the Freesat logo.

The best way to reduce the number of channels on the Sky EPG is to use the FAVOURITE channels selection (you program that from the box to make you choice, have a look at the Settings menu) then you can jump from channel to channel by pressing the Blue button (I think!).

So your choice. Is it worth the money for a Freesat box to make channel selection easier? After you've used the Sky box for a while you will remember the channel numbers and can enter them direct at the EPG (ie 101 for BBC 1, 501 for Sky News and so on). Or just use the Sky box Favourites method.

  dms_05 12:06 17 Dec 2011

brabded = branded!

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