oldnovice 09:45 21 Nov 2009

There are more tvs with built-in freesat now are these built-in units as good as humax recievers or would i be better off buying seperate.

  David4637 10:01 21 Nov 2009

You mean Freeview NOT freesat? David

  oldnovice 10:12 21 Nov 2009

no freesat with sat dish

  Pamy 11:25 21 Nov 2009

the built in is just a tuner that lets you recieve the transmission. Humax do the same but have additional features such as recording.

  oldnovice 11:46 21 Nov 2009

is there anyway of telling if the tuner unit in the tv is good spec because the standalone units have a wide quality range or would i be better off buying a good quality standalone unit all advice appreciated.

  Pamy 12:10 21 Nov 2009

Did you ever question how good the tuner was in your old anologue TV? This is Just the same situation. Buy a reputable make

  oldnovice 17:24 21 Nov 2009

thank-you for advice given will tick as resolved

  jack 10:39 22 Nov 2009

The Freesat tuner will operate a single channel.
That is tune to a channel and watch it
If you need to record another- then you need not only another tuner/box but a mod to the LNB[ the bit in the dish]
I discovered with when having ordered a HumaxBox' then swapped it within days for box and recorder, the install guys had also to 'mod' the dish bit.

So on that score get the Freesat TV by all means you will still need a box/recorder to record other than the station being watched.
A typical Freesat/recorder box has two tuners each connected by its own line to the dual LNB set up in the dish.

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