Freecom DVB-T Stick USB 2.0

  PaulB2005 21:10 13 Nov 2005

Got one! Xmas came early! Very good and just recorded my first program (no it won't be for download anywhere!).

But one thing...

I can play it back through Windows Media Player however i can't fast forward or rewind! I can stop, pause and play but not move on or back in the program! It's an mpg file.

Any reason why not?

  PaulB2005 21:14 13 Nov 2005

Just discovered the Freecom software will fast forward and rewind but not Windows Media Player...

  PaulB2005 23:13 13 Nov 2005

Edited the beginning and end off with Nero and now works fine. Still an MPG file though...

  Stuartli 19:46 16 Nov 2005

It will be an Mpeg2 file.

In Windows Media Player, have you ensured that all file types are Enabled (Tools>Options>File Types tab)?

You could try downloading the free standard K-lite audio and video codecs pack from:

click here

  Bailey08787 17:32 24 Nov 2005

Hi - Any idea if the Freecom DVB-T Stick can be used with Showshifter?

  Stuartli 17:35 24 Nov 2005

No reason why it shouldn't - I used it with a TwinHan Freeview PCI DTB-ter D+A card and BDA drivers.

  PaulB2005 19:09 24 Nov 2005

Freecom DVB-T Stick has Time Slip built in. Or does Show Shifter do something else?

  Bailey08787 11:39 25 Nov 2005

Ordered my click here on Wednesday 3pm, arrived yesterday at 4pm - great service. (£50 including delivery - and they don't insist on delivering it to the address where you card is registered - so got mine delivered at work)

Took me a fair while to get it successfully installed. Using the antenna I was unable to pick up any channels. I swapped to the roof aerial, and it picked up all the digital channels. However the picture was slow and jerky and I was beginning to think I'd bought a turkey.

Annoyingly every time I changed the usb port it was plugged into I had to reinstall the drivers.

I uninstalled everything and started again, using the roof aerial straight away and not the antenna. This time all went well, and I can view all channels fine.

Minor quibbles:
The picture was sharper on my older PCI TV device.

The 'expand to full screen function' only goes as far as the toolbar (of course you can minimise the toolbar, but thats a pain).

The remote control infrared receiver is on the usb stick - not easy to angle.

The interface is clunky, and I haven't been able to use it with showshifter despite several attempts.

  PaulB2005 16:26 26 Nov 2005

"Annoyingly every time I changed the usb port it was plugged into I had to reinstall the drivers."

Common with many USB Devices.

"The 'expand to full screen function' only goes as far as the toolbar "

Wait a second or two and it should go fullscreen.

"The interface is clunky"


  Roadtownsailor 08:58 26 Dec 2005

Can anyone tell me where i can get an adaptor so that I can use my external house aerial onto my DVB-T please.

  Stuartli 09:14 26 Dec 2005

You should just need a normal coaxial plug and cable connection to the card - my main TV is in the back room and my computer system (along with another TV) is in the front room, so I use two aerial amplifiers to relay the signals.

The first amplifier feeds the main TV and its second aerial output is carried by a 60ft length of coaxial cable under the floorboards to the front room.

This, in turn, feeds a second twin output aerial amplifier and this serves the second TV with a further coaxial cable being used to link up to a TwinHan Freeview DTV-ter D+A PCI TV card in my system.

Despite the long cable runs signal strength is more than adequate to bring in all 82 Freeview TV and radio stations from Winter Hill.

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