Free sd memory card recovery help

  MaLoed3 08:08 28 Jun 2017

Last night, my Samsung phone sd memory card get corrupted and many phone messages, pictures and text files got lost. Is there any way to recover sd memory card data back? Actually, over the internet, i did found freeware Recuva and Free SD Memory Card Recovery software and still did not know whether it is necessary to give it a try? Thanks for any suggestion here.

  alanrwood 11:22 28 Jun 2017

You will need to obtain a USB SD Card Reader and insert the SD Card into it then connect to your computer. Under no circumstances should you do anything that will write data to the SD Card as it may overwrite the data you want to recover. You could try using either of the programs you mention but make sure you install them on to another drive, not the SD Card. What you can recover will depend on how it was corrupted in the first place.

  MLA2000 11:42 28 Jun 2017

Recuva is the best option, if you can connect your SD card to your computer through a reader, open Recuva and scan the SD card - recovering to another drive.

Unfortunately, Android Marshmellow and above sometimes encrypt an SD card to prevent it being used in another device, if this is the case on your Micro SD it will not be possible to recover the data (except text messages, which may be stored on the SIM card).

  amyheimbach 07:40 06 Jul 2017

Was your problem solved? I'm facing the same question now, and recovered files using Recuva can't even be opened.

  JohnSmith75 08:09 14 Jul 2017

Hi, don't worry it's not a big deal. When i face the same problem i use amazing service, to restore the lost information on my sd card - Cleverfiles. It is pretty simple and user-friendly. If you have any questions, you can find useful info in tutorial guide. I hope this helps, good luck.

  droider 08:27 15 Oct 2017

hi MaLoed3, to recover data from corrupted sd you need to check errors on your memory card. It is possible using Windows cmd chkdsk app. Good luck

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