foreign sim card can the phone default to home?

  luddy 16:50 01 Dec 2018

Hi Folks I am in mexico. since my last trip I have replaced my phone (previous one couldn't swim). I still have the old sim card from mexico. It gets a signal and I got a message in spanish (couldn't understand it) when I fired it up so it must be recognizing it.

My question is: Is there a chance (without me knowing it) that it can revert back to my Canadian provider -koodo- with the mexican telcel sim card inserted? - they charge both arms and legs..... Thanks very much for any advice.

Cheers Gerry

  Forum Editor 13:58 03 Dec 2018

You'll know which network your phone is connecting to if you look at the connection settings - it will show you available networks, and the one to which the phone is connecting.

if you're using a Mexican pay as you go SIM and it works, the phone is probably unlocked - you can put any SIM into it.

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