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Flashlight (Torch) on Galaxy Note 9

  morddwyd 11:40 21 Aug 2019

Earlier today while handling my phone the light CA,e on.

Couldn't find the icon to turn it off and in the end, to avoid a flat Barrett I had to do a restart.

Since then I've hunted all over for the "Flashlight" icon, checked all the widgets, looked on line and even, in absolute desperation, checked the user manual! Nothing.

Can anybody help?

  Govan1x 12:11 21 Aug 2019

This any help.

Click Here

  morddwyd 10:16 24 Aug 2019


That's on of the dozen or so pages that came up in an internet search, including Samsung pages, and refers to icons and settings I do not have.

I was looking for some troubleshooting or a workaround.

However I found a solution on Youtube (so the problem is obviously not unknown) so all is now well.

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