First Mobile Nuisance Call

  Ex plorer 10:43 11 Apr 2013

Its happened to me as of yesterday.

I got a nuisance call about an insurance I had taken out on a loan,it was one of those automated calls.

If they become a real nuisance is there any way to stop them. I have a unique number and don't really want to change it.

  spuds 13:29 12 Apr 2013


Thanks for the information, it looks like a 'call baring' phone, which some service providers charge extra for using this type of product, and others do not provide this service yet.

  AroundAgain 13:43 12 Apr 2013

I am with TalkTalk but didn't contact them about this. I just found the numbers/code to dial in order to do this.

Are you saying some phone line providers won't accept this? What a pain in the proverbial, eh?

Well, I do hope you manage to sort something. It's certainly made a difference to me ;)


  Ex plorer 15:58 12 Apr 2013

I have a Panasonic KX-TG6521E not the TG8 I will check it out anyway and also with Taltalk.

So something to do for to night and will report back with my findings.

  AroundAgain 16:22 12 Apr 2013

@Ex plorer

Try the suggestions on this site - this is what worked for me but it seems it's for ALL Panasonics.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you ... ;)


  rickf 17:11 12 Apr 2013

I'll shop around for a decent but not too costly call blocker instead. Don't really want to have to change my phone as it's nearly new.

  rickf 17:12 12 Apr 2013

The ehow link does not work

  AroundAgain 17:28 12 Apr 2013


Here is the link again but you can copy and paste the (broken) link above to get to the page

Good luck

How to block Panasonic phone

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