First Mobile Nuisance Call

  Ex plorer 10:43 11 Apr 2013

Its happened to me as of yesterday.

I got a nuisance call about an insurance I had taken out on a loan,it was one of those automated calls.

If they become a real nuisance is there any way to stop them. I have a unique number and don't really want to change it.

  Quickbeam 10:50 11 Apr 2013

I just don't answer any calls that don't link to a name in my phone's phone book.

  carver 10:54 11 Apr 2013

If you find out how to stop them let me know.

  spuds 11:16 11 Apr 2013

I get very cheesed-off with scam text messages, mainly from the service provider. But what can you do about it, other than try to to ignore them?.

On the land-line side, then the answer machine takes care of most of the annoyance calls, mainly about "your claim"!.

  Phil Ocifer 12:46 11 Apr 2013

I got one the other day, the recorded message launched straight into the spiel, gave me a number to press to find out more and promptly hung itself up!

On the point of the answerphone taking care of it, well fair enough but when they get to the end of the message saying "Press 9 to opt out", pressing 9 doesn't work when you're in a message LoL

And it's more of a pain in the @rse using the message system than actually answering it.

So in short, if the caller has declined to join TPS, imho it's worth answering and hanging on to use the opt-out option if it's available.

Plus some won't phone again if they register that you have answered.

On a separate point, Swinton will phone me every day for weeks until I answer. I ask them why not leave a message and they're not allowed to. I think that conversation got me opted out of receiving sales calls :)

  Forum Editor 13:03 11 Apr 2013

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  spuds 13:12 11 Apr 2013

Phil Ocifer

I have tried the press 9 option, it doesn't work, I still received later calls. Plus pressing keys on telephones as a response call, might lead to other things?.

And the "they're not allowed to" usually suggests that they are attempting to use their own translation on data protection. Leaving a message might get no response, speaking to someone usually does ;o)

  AroundAgain 22:37 11 Apr 2013

I am able to block callers on both my mobile and landline.

Re mobile, I have Samsung Galaxy S3. I have a feeling there is provision to block specific callers via Settings. I have app 'Blacklist' and each time any of these unwanted callers phoned, I just put them in Blacklist and I haven't had any such calls since.

As for landline, I have a Panasonic phone and there is provision for stopping calls by entering the phone numbers you want to stop.

Hope this helps someone


  rickf 09:54 12 Apr 2013

which Panasonic has this facility. I am interested just to stop these nuisance calls. the worse one is Hendrickson international asking for some fictitious person and requesting call back with a reference.

  spuds 10:59 12 Apr 2013

Further information about the Panasonic would be most welcome, because I have looked at other brands and devices with various results.

Call Baring is one way perhaps, but not all service providers have this available, or in the way you might want it.

  AroundAgain 12:55 12 Apr 2013

Hi It's a landline phone, as I said and I've had this for some time now so presumably a newer model available now.

It also has a socket for plugging in a headset so can use the phone handsfree, which is very handy when on the phone while doing something else, of course.

Panasonic Model No KX-TG8521E

Instruction Manual -

I have included the Instruction Manual, just in case anyone wanted to see what the phone does.

I found the instructions as to how to bar specific callers via Google, not in the instruction book so may be worth you checking on internet before buying a new phone :)


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