Filmfour going "free to air"

  realist 20:39 09 Feb 2006

Subscription film channel Filmfour to be relaunched "free to air" to all digital viewrs from July 2006

  ade.h 20:51 09 Feb 2006

Presumably, this will include only Freeview and Sky subs; Freesat customers don't get E4 or More4, so I won't expect to see FilmFour either.

  realist 21:01 09 Feb 2006

Here's a link click here

  ade.h 21:21 09 Feb 2006

Mentions nothing of Freesat, which may mean that it won't be available, given that the other two aren't. Although Freesat gets quite a few channels that Freeview does not, it's rubbish for the Channel 4 stuff.

  Haol 11:18 10 Feb 2006

Yay, I can finally get FilmFour!

  amonra 20:05 10 Feb 2006

Anything to beat Mr Murdoch's Sky.
I'm all in favour of anything that's free. Roll on July.

  ade.h 20:41 10 Feb 2006

Freesat is, as the name suggests, free. Still Sky. It's not all bad!

Then again, as I mentioned above, I have to miss out on E4 and More4, so no West Wing!

  wallbash 21:40 10 Feb 2006

Have NTL so will be getting Film Four , great

To ade.h , More4 gives me the West Wing or rather
More4 +1 will do in 20 mins.

But they have skipped a whole series , wot happened
to Barletts daughter ????? ( was kidnapped??)

  ade.h 22:27 10 Feb 2006

Yes, I know. Hence my comment.

It beats me why More4 is not available on Freesat, as it is supposed to match Freeview, plus add extra channels that Freeview misses.

Unfortunately, I have no choice but to use Sky; I live in an area with virtually no terrestrial reception and no cable services either.

I may eventually bite the subscription bullet.

  fazza8 11:59 11 Feb 2006

Bartlett's daughter escaped with the help of Jack Bauer and went to work in the Fisher funeral home, then moved to LA and married Vick Macky. I'd had a couple of beers when I watched it so some of the detail may be wrong.

  wallbash 12:15 11 Feb 2006

Fazza8 thanks for the laugh, first time i read it , you fooled me !

I find the West Wing one of the few American progs which requires some attention, so missing an entire series has given me a headache.

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