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Feature phone with WhatsApp help

  Michael Hodgkinson 12:36 04 Dec 2018

Hello I'm looking to ditch my smartphone and get a feature phone but i need WhatsApp for work.

Can anyone recommend one? Is it possible?

Due to recent WhatsApp changes its hard to find the info i need.

Have tried nokia 3310 and 8110 with no luck.

Thanks in advance.


  AroundAgain 17:05 04 Dec 2018

Try putting this into Google

"feature phone with whatsapp uk"

  john bunyan 18:36 04 Dec 2018

Any smartphone that has a WiFi capability should work on WhatsApp

  Michael Hodgkinson 20:58 04 Dec 2018

Thanks for the replies. I've done a lot of searching but it isn't clear what phones will have WhatsApp access after 31st Dec 2018.

I don't want a smart phone just a feature type phone with keypad.

  wee eddie 21:23 04 Dec 2018

WhatsApp is an Internet based Service and you will need a Phone that can access the internet for that. There are some very inexpensive phones out there.

  Mark589 06:03 27 Dec 2018

Yes, Any smartphone that has a WiFi capability should work on WhatsApp.

  Mark589 06:05 27 Dec 2018

Whatsapp app will update their policies regarding the supported devices and os every year so as to prevent their users having outdated versions and also to enhance the security features.

  wee eddie 22:11 27 Dec 2018

It would be commercial suicide for WhatsApp to ditch any Smartphone marketed in the last 4 years, maybe older.

You haven't said what Smart Phone you have, but unless it's antediluvian, the chances are that it will carry on working with WhatsApp.

If this is just an excuse to buy a new phone, may I recommend the new iPhone. I can't be arsed with them but all your friends will gasp

  Sjo Pet 10:07 28 Dec 2018

Emporia TalkSmart is a feature phone with 4G LTE, whatsapp preinstallled, 5 mp camera. the rest of the phone is very limited though, no appstore whatsoever. it runs on Android Go.

  Sjo Pet 10:09 28 Dec 2018

Here some more info about the phone: click here

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