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Family Movies - Best way to transfer

  Lauren 12:49 30 Mar 2020


I have quite a few dvds of family home movies that used to be on VHS and then a few years ago were put onto DVD's.

Now I am not sure the best way to update them. I don't want to not be able to watch them ever.

I am thinking that I can transfer them each onto separate USB sticks? Would appreciate any feedback or if there is a different way.

Many Thanks Might as well be productive with all this free time at the minute.

  x13 10:34 31 Mar 2020

Here's a YouTube video using VLC player playing from a flash drive. YouTube . If you have a fire-stick you can download VLC player on to it and it should find the folders on the USB drive on your TV if your TV's USB port supports it. VLC on Firestick.

Otherwise you might consider paid for software (ugh). I found one that gives a free 5 minute trial and costs $19.99. Might be worth giving it a try but I've never used it so can't recommend or not. TuneFab DVD Ripper . Have fun :)

  x13 10:52 31 Mar 2020

P.S. as a backup you can also convert a DVD to an .iso file and keep them safely on an external drive. You can play them on Windows 10 by simply mounting the .iso file and selecting play. A virtual DVD player will show in 'This PC' in file explorer. When finished just select 'eject' to un-mount.

  Quiller47 11:03 31 Mar 2020

I have ripped most of my best dvds to mp4 and then put them on a USB stick. Handbrake is free and quite easy to use.

Just Google handbrake. It supports Ubuntu, ios and Windows platforms and is free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:40 31 Mar 2020

and when you have converted them, becuse they will be reasonably small files, back them up to the cloud on One drive and / or Google drive you would hate to lose them if a USB stick got lost or a hard drive failed.

  BRYNIT 18:09 06 Apr 2020

What format are the movies on the DVD?

Depending on the format you may just need to copy them from the DVD (drag and drop) to your computer or store on an external HDD as most modern TV will lay from an external USB or HDD.

  Lauren 12:11 21 Apr 2020

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. A lot of good info here !! Cheers

  pcw123 02:49 29 Apr 2020

You can convert them to MP4 and save them in USB. Note not to spread it out if you do not want to infringe copyright.

  Racb1996 09:06 29 May 2020

I think VLC is good for you. Here you can zip and update of your video which will be easy to transfer.

  MargaretOverall 10:27 16 Jun 2020

I think it is up to the format of your DVD and the format you want to transfer to USB sticks. But in order to transfer them, the most important point is to convert your files on DVD to USB sticks. So you should find a video converter like Freemake, Any Video Converter and DumpMedia Video Converter.

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