Facebook and my Samsung Galaxy Ace

  918 22:36 01 Feb 2015

Could someone please tell me why, when i try and download,Facebook, it keeps tell me its already downloaded,now the only thing i have it on is my PC,Cheers Baza

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 02 Feb 2015

are you trying to download the windows version?

you need the Facebook app from the play store.

  918 13:38 02 Feb 2015

Hi Fruit Bat,there lies the problem,as i dont have Google Play Store ;-(

I manage to get Whatsapp downloaded using, a APK File,but i'm having no luck with Facebook Cheers Baza

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 02 Feb 2015

Must have been disabled

Re-enable pre-installed system apps

If you’ve disabled an app and would like to enable it, you can find and re-enable the app using the following steps:

Go to Settings on your device. Swipe to view the list of All apps. Scroll to the bottom of the list to view disabled system apps. Touch the system app from the list that you’d like to enable. Select Enable. Once a system app has been re-enabled, it can be viewed and opened from your main apps screen.

  918 14:55 02 Feb 2015

Cheers mate going to try it now ;-)

  918 15:13 02 Feb 2015

No go mate i cant find enable button,

But i have found a APK file that i've downloaded,but then this comes up,,,,,,,

Parse error There is a problem parsing the package.

I used the same idea with Whatsapp and it worked perfectly.

Any ideas please Cheers Baza

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 02 Feb 2015

HAve you found the app under the disabled apps list?

  918 18:06 02 Feb 2015

Er no ;-/

Sorry,ive looked where you said but cannot find the app or even a disable list


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 02 Feb 2015




Scroll down through the apps untill you find Google playstore and possibly Facbook

tap them to get next screen where you can stop start disable enable

  918 21:43 02 Feb 2015

FB thanks for your reply again,theres no Facebook/Google play store, and if i go to Settings,Apps,All,and tap on any app there all that shows is,,,,, Calander Force stop,,,,Cancel

Clear data,,,,Move to sd card

Clear Cache

Cheers Baza

  mole1944 05:38 03 Feb 2015

go onto another pc then go into play store and download it from there.

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