Extract photos from a single image file

  oved.yavine 12:30 09 Oct 2008

I am looking for a software that will detected scanned photos from a single image file.

I have lots of photos that it will take a long time to scan one by one. So I scan 5-6 at a time and I need software that will detect and extract the photos automatically.

I found Rippix from Pelisoft, which does a great job, but the company is out of business and the software is a trial version only.

Anyone has an idea where can I get a none trila version of Rippix or give me a recommendation for a piece of software that will do the same?

  jack 20:16 09 Oct 2008

Any of the normal Graphics editors - such as Paint Shop Pro/ The Gimp[free download] any of the serif range- Photo-shop Elements/ perhaps even the free
The idea is to load a photo screen use the crop tool to select the portion you need and click OK then use the File/Save As' feature give the item a new name- or the original file name with an additional character A for example or a digit.
This will then give you the new[portion] and retain the original complete so that a further selections can be made

  oved.yavine 13:32 10 Oct 2008

Thanks for the response. I know that I can crop an image manually.

I was looking for an automated way. Automatic selection of photoes and automatic save of all selected areas.

Photoshop does a good job in auto cropping, but I need to save every image manually and if the auto cropping does not work well, I need to crop manually again.

Rippix marks the selected areas (cropped areas) on the original images, lets me correct things and then with a click of a button it saves all the selected areas.
A huge time consuming feature.

  jack 16:58 10 Oct 2008

If you wish to seelect an area to separate from a given image- only you know what it is- no program can do that that I am aware of.

  Covergirl 19:03 10 Oct 2008

See if you can get some Canon software to work with your scanner - maybe just part of a package.

I've got a MP610 and if I put several photos on the platen, it does one sweep and the images are separated out into individual files which then require saving in the desired format.

Obviously you have to have a specific gap between the photos, and I can generally only get about 4 small ones on an A4 size scanner, but it speeds the process up when you scan a few, then scan another few then . . . etc until you're done, then you just click Save and it saves them all at once.

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