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Excellent service - Microdirect

  dagbladet 15:38 05 Jul 2007

My Digifusion FVRT100 finally packed in after 3 years. It suffered the common (for that model) problem of the 2 amp PSU which was widely accepted as being not up to the job. Whilst looking on-line for a replacement PSU, I stumbled upon the microdirect site click here(16874)DigiFusion-FVRT100-FreeView-Set-Top-Box-with.aspx which was selling refurb FVRT100s with uprated 5amp PSUs for about £45 inc VAT and delivery. There are a whole range of delivery prices. I just went for the cheapest £4.99 for a 1-3 day service. I ordered online on Tuesday at about 2PM, the following morning my unit arrived. The unit is totally unmarked, the remote looks brand new and it contains the latest firmware/software upgrades. I'm right chuffed with it.

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