excel master sheet query

  peug417 17:38 21 Aug 2014

Hi its been 3 years since I posted and looking at the site im not even sure if this is the right forum to post, as i cant see any of my old excel guru's.

But if you don't ask you don't get as they say..

I have a multiple page workbook with several pages of student information of courses and results, I am looking for a way collating all the information from the course tabs onto the front master sheet. The names will always be columns a and b though they may appear in different rows in the course tabs. results achieved will not be in the same columns on each tab either. not sure if a formula would be available but I suspect it may be a vba route any help would be appreciated ..

  Zak 18:59 24 Aug 2014

This may well help you as a starting point:

INDEX and MATCH worksheet functions

A search for Index and Match functions will provide links to tutorials and examples. I have used this function and although it takes time to set up the master sheet and get the syntax and formulas right, especially if nesting the If function, once working it is a breeze. Good luck!

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