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  morddwyd 08:56 11 Jul 2010

As reported in other threads, Digifusion Freeview PVRs are no longer being provided with EPG updates, which means they are about to become expensive doorstops.

This means getting, eventually, a new freeview PVR, luckily not a real hardship, but a nuisance nevertheless.

How do I ensure the same thing does not happen again? Where can I find any reviews or forecasts of EPG availability and reliability on the various makes of PVR?

  john 52 10:08 11 Jul 2010

morddwyd is this what you are looking for ??

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click here

  john 52 10:10 11 Jul 2010
  john 52 10:12 11 Jul 2010

click here

Sorry for the multiple posts FE

  dms_05 17:38 11 Jul 2010

Almost all current PVR's use the standard EPG as broadcast by Freeview. I have a Humax PVR, not perfect and fairly expensive but lots of people are devoted to them click here . Take a look on your local retailers shelf and see what they have in stock. Many/most come from the same factory in Turkey and are just re-badged with a well known name.

  morddwyd 19:05 11 Jul 2010

"Almost all current PVR's use the standard EPG as broadcast by Freeview"

And Freeview gets the information to broadcast from a company called Inview Technology.

However, Inview no longer supply such information for certain receivers

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and the update contract with the manufacturers of these receivers has expired.

What I want to know is how can I best ensure this doesn't happen again when I replace my receiver?

  dms_05 11:38 12 Jul 2010

"And Freeview gets the information to broadcast from a company called Inview Technology."

Don't think that's correct. Some manufacturers of PVR's have contracted Inview to supply EPG data streams for some of their PVR's .

I note Humax and many others aren't included in the list you link to, so maybe you should be looking at other makes/models. Remember many/most PVR's are just rebadged generic units from Turkey/China and even within any given Branded Name's range not all models are necessarily from the same source.

  morddwyd 20:00 12 Jul 2010

Your 17.38 post said "almost all" manufacturers use Freeview and I simply quoted you.

I am "looking at other makes/models"

That's why I posted in the first place!

  dms_05 08:13 13 Jul 2010

Quote: "Any DVB-T receiver which specifies a 7 or 8 day EPG is using the standard Freeview one, which is continuously broadcast in carousel format on all Mux.
That EPG could be longer in advance (and past) without changing its format, simply by including the extra data.
This would slow the carousel repetition time (or increase the bandwidth requirement), and increase the memory overhead causing some receivers to struggle (many older receivers already do).

The alternative EPGs (eg. TopUpTV) broadcast for a short duration each day and only on one Mux, therefore do not use their bandwidth continuously. "

I think that answers your question - Any DVB-T receiver!

  dms_05 08:19 13 Jul 2010

For interest click here

  morddwyd 08:29 13 Jul 2010

"Any DVB-T receiver!"

Except, of course, Digifusion and any others no longer getting the update.

I know about Digifusion; I want to know which others.

The standard Freeview EPG is indeed broadcast, but unfortunately not in a format which can be de-coded by tuners whose manufacturers no longer pay the update fee to Inview, and therefore Freeview.

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