Entry Level DSLR.

  Ade_1 12:49 30 May 2007


I am considering buying a DSLR, I have heard many good reviews about camera like the Canon EOS 350D and 400D, but they are quite frankly out of my price range.

I am currently using a Nikon CoolPix P2 and wanting to move up to a DSLR now after a while of using it.

I see that there are a few 6.1mp on the market, however, at the same time there are obviously higher ones like 8 and 10 (and higher), but will an 8mp camera make much difference to a non pro photographer?

So, the main reason I am writing this thread is to find out about some decently priced entry level DSLR Cameras. If you could be so kind to suggest some it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Aidan L

  hssutton 13:48 30 May 2007

All the DSLRs on the market will produce the goods.
I wouldn't worry too much about the amount of pixels, I often use my 6Mp Canon 300D in preference to my Canon 30D. Take it from me you will not see any difference unless you're going to make gigantic prints

The Nikon D40 is a very good camera at £330 inc 18-55mm lens. the only problem with this camera is the limited lens availability.

Pobably the best if you want cheap, but still very good is the Pentax K100D @ £300 inc 18-55mm lens. lenses for this camera can often be picked up quite cheap on Ebay.

However if you think you may take up photography seriously (many people do) then consider biting the bullet and buying such as Canon or Nikon as there is a wealth of accessories avilable for these cameras, assuming you leave the Nikon d40 or D40X out of the equation.

  Ade_1 15:12 30 May 2007

Thanks for the information.

I didn't know that there was a limited lens availability for the lenses of the D40.

I had seen the Pentax K100D at Jessops on offer actually. Silly question, but when you look in the window of Jessops there are a range of different lenses, how do you know which fits your camera?.
As you can tell I am a bit of a novice when it comes to SLR cameras seeing as I have never used one...

Thanks for the advice and help.

Aidan L

  ventanas 16:27 30 May 2007

The lens issue should not be a problem as long as you use up to date kit. It is compatible with Nikon F mount lenses, but it has no internal focus motor so autofocus can only be achieved with newer AF-S and AF-I CPU lenses (IX Nikkor CPU lenses can not be used.) This means you'll have to manually focus any older non-CPU lenses.

As the original D40 has now been upgraded to the D40X there are some pretty good deals about for the original model. £330 with 18-55 at Warehouse Express.

  ArrGee 18:47 30 May 2007

Personally, I have a D200 and have used a D40. The D40 at around £330 with 18-55 is a very good deal.

  siouxah1 20:27 30 May 2007

You might like to have a look at the Nikon D50.
I believe this predated the D40 and D40X.

This was reputed to be the little brother of the D70.

I am almost sure this does have a focus motor in the body.

This is the one I use - brilliant.
click here
See here to buy

click here

See here for revue

A little older than the D40 and X but if you can find one at a reasonable price it is well worth the cost. Plent of lens both Nikon and Sigma if you want third party.


  hssutton 22:51 30 May 2007

I would agree with you regarding the D50, but unfortunately by the time you've bought a lens the cost will be in excess of the Canon 350D, which Ade_1 says is out of his price range.

The Pentax K100D is about the best bargain out there at the present click here

  Ade_1 23:48 30 May 2007

Thanks to all who contributed information and links.

I do have some thinking to do and I am tempted to look into increasing my budget a bit. I know I originally said that the 400D would be out of my price range, however, after seeing an awful lot of good reviews I am feeling slightly tempted.

However, despite this there a quite a few good deals on some of ones listed on here and the price I suppose may just sway me towards them. I am so unsure! It is quite obvious that it isn't easy to buy a camera...

Just out of interest, if I was to go for one of these which ones (assuming that it would be between the 400D and D40X) would you go for?

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed on this thread. It has helped me a lot.

  ArrGee 00:55 31 May 2007

D40X without a doubt.

  hssutton 14:48 31 May 2007

For the reasons stated previously the Canon 400D, as just about every accessory made by Canon + numerous ones made by third party manufactures such as Tamron and Sigma will work perfectly. Whereas with the Nikon you are restricted to just a few lens or lose auto focus.

  HXP 00:05 01 Jun 2007


I have both the 350d & 400d

These are good camera's excellent results with the standard kit 18 - 55 lens ( regardless of what anyone says ) plenty of 3rd party suppliers, canon lenses amongst some of the best.

I have seen the 350d at about £350 with the kit lens which makes it really good value.

If you buy one you will not be disappointed see review

click here

Lots of people will pick their favourite brand but personally a good choice in my opinion.

If you can stretch to a 400d, fine but not worth more than £50 over a 350

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