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Entertainment on a narrowboat

  Tycho 11:59 10 Sep 2007

Have just retired and doing up an old and tatty boat I am thinking bout our long cruise next year. Eight months on the English canals is planned.

Narrowboats have limited space so I have in my thoughts a laptop to provide all communications and entertainment. Mobile phone for data, laptop to provide internet services including radio, mp3 playing, video via DVD. It would be nice to get TV too but I cannot imagine that I will get data transfer rates sufficiently high with a mobile connection.

Am I being over optimistic? It would be nice to get medium fi music, I would guess that hi-fi is too much to expect.

Would I need external amplification for the sound? Is the sound card in a laptop of sufficiently high quality? Am I being unwise with all the eggs in one basket? What other questions should I be asking?

I look forward to hearing your ideas.


  Tycho 16:07 11 Sep 2007


Thank you for the warning. I am sufficiently aged to remember the days of the first transistor radios. Everywhere you went you were assaulted by Billy Fury and Elvis. It was really objectionable. I hope that I am sufficiently aware of differing tastes not to aflict the ears of others with my particular likes.


  amonra 17:13 11 Sep 2007

Maplins have got a nice portable Satellite receiver for around £70, should satisfy most of your needs.

  Tycho 21:13 11 Sep 2007

A-nonymous wrote:

"As long as you have a decent sound card youll be fine."

What constitutes a decent sound card in a laptop? Can I choose?


  Tycho 20:51 14 Sep 2007

A-Nonymous wrote:

"Do you know what laptop you may be getting?"

One which is as cheap as I can get away with and do the tasks required reliably. Battery life is not important. I will have mains from a modified sign wave inverter (Sterling 1800W) and it can be used plugged in as much as is consistent with good battery care.


  Tycho 10:47 18 Sep 2007

I would be most grateful if you were to look ore laptops for me but it seems a bit of an imposition! Any advice is gratefully received.

I am a bit concerned about reliability at the moment because a £500 laptop that I bought for my daughter last year has developed a hardware fault :-(


  Stuartli 21:27 19 Sep 2007

Why not consider a portable type TV aerial intended for caravan and similar use?

click here

click here

click here

Or even something on these lines:

click here

  Tycho 09:10 20 Sep 2007

"What make was it?"

It's Novatech badged.

Thanks for all the responses folks. I will follow them up when life slows down a bit!


  Boghound 08:20 26 Sep 2007

Funny.....I thought "Entertainment on a narrowboat" consisted of people wearing thick Aeron sweaters all drinking strong ale, struming banjos and singing old laments.....Oh...How times change!!!

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