Emails to mobile phones.

  WtheM 08:23 11 Nov 2007

Hi, is it possible to compose an email on my pc and then forward it to a mobile of my choosing.
Just trying to reduce the cost of my mobile bill.......


  Technotiger 08:58 11 Nov 2007
  Technotiger 09:01 11 Nov 2007

I think you might like this one ..

click here

  WtheM 09:09 11 Nov 2007

I've been using Dynmark for some time, which I would recommend, but their texts used to cost as little as 5p. Unless you buy a massive amount, you're looking at around the 7p mark, now. Definately easier than messing about with a phone keypad, though!

  Technotiger 09:32 11 Nov 2007

If you have PC Software for your mobile, texting by PC to phone is dead easy.

I have a Nokia and use Nokia PC Suite to write and send texts - as you say, it beats having to operate fiddly phone-pads.

  WtheM 09:41 11 Nov 2007

I can recommend that Dynmark if you ever fancy it. You may get a few free 'uns if you sign up?
However, my original it not possible to email direct to a mobile? Or possible but not allowed.......!

  DieSse 09:55 11 Nov 2007

"my original it not possible to email direct to a mobile"

You can only send an email direct to an email account - the question you need answering is "how do I collect/read emails on my mobile phone.

The answer is - it depends if your phone service and phone have this facility - of the facility to log on to the web from your phone and read the emails on webmail.

So look in your phone handbook as to how and if you can set up an email service on your phone.

I'm pretty sure it'll cost you more than SMS.

  WtheM 10:00 11 Nov 2007

DieSse.....that's what I mean. So it's free to send but costs to receive? B*gg*r.

Thanks for all replies.

  DieSse 10:00 11 Nov 2007

Lots of things you can do from your phone at low cost or free here click here

Their email to me includes the phrase "Never pay for text messaging again with Gizmo5" so it might be worth checking out.

  Technotiger 10:01 11 Nov 2007

It is possible and allowed -

click here

as long as the phone has email capabilities.

Not something I would do myself - text messages via pc to phone is my way.

  WtheM 10:19 11 Nov 2007

Technotiger, would you be prepared to say which pc to phone service you use, please?

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