easy dvd player/widescreen question about borders

  theDarkness 13:26 24 Feb 2011

The last ever question on this topic for anyone that has one! :) is it possible whilst watching dvd screen ratio cinematic movies on a 16:9 tv, to be able to zoom in on the dvd player to fill the entire screen horizontally and also maintain aspect?

I think I had a similar problem before on another dvd player+tv. I would have expected the dvd player I am testing to be able to do so (cropping off the top and bottom black border area and perhaps top/bottom of the main picture if also necessary). But after zooming in, and maintaining the aspect ratio (my current dvd player must be set to "auto" for the aspect ratio not to change), I still see borders all over. The tv is definately zooming in-the film playing is getting bigger in scale, but the borders remain in the same position, of the exact same size before and after zooming, in either dvd player modes, as an unremovable frame. Is the main reason for this because I am using a dvd player that may have 4:3 rules in mind? Or is the tv more likely to have some option that Ive been needing to switch on all along? Some people I know that have widescreen tvs say I should be able to zoom and still view a movie in its original aspect on a widescreen tv whilst losing a little of the top and bottom of the picture, but its not working for me, and I havent been able to test anything out to date on any other dvd player on the same tv. Can anyone verify that its possible? If not then it would seem that with such large borders, Im just as well using a small 4:3 tv for dvds, if the actual watchable area is of an identical size, despite the 16:9 being 4x the size in screen size! haha - if anyone that has a widescreen can add anything (and not just "buy a new dvd player/tv) that would be great-thanks ;)

  theDarkness 21:21 28 Feb 2011

update - this definately seems to be just a case of not being able to find a modern dvd player that can zoom the image of a movie to fill the screen horizontally whilst maintaining aspect ratio, and nothing else. I didnt mind if the screen ended up with anything missing vertically (slightly cropped top and bottom) as a result. I have tried 4 players now, and they cannot do the above, after trying out the tv and player aspect/size settings fully to make sure everything is correct.

If anyone has any dvd player recommendations instead that will do the above, that would be the better solution, as Im finding it hard to get one to do the job. thanks :)

  Terry Brown 16:13 07 Mar 2011

Some modern TV's have a 'Fit to screen' mode or a 'cinemascope' option which may do the job.

This should take the picture from your laptop and 'Stretch' it fit, however it may look distorted.

Check the picture modes on your TV


  theDarkness 21:57 23 Mar 2011

The tv has 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 - unfortunately none fitted the bill together with the dvd players own display options to be able to view a movie without borders left and right, so its obvious that all the dvd players I tried out were simply not modern enough for use on a 16:9 tv.

I have not found a dvd player yet that can play a movie on a 16:9 without borders on the left and right of the tv whilst maintaining its aspect ratio, so I think I need to spend some money on a more up to date dvd player that will fit the bill. Unfortunately that might mean having to test some players out in-store with horror movies to scare all custom away :) lol. thanks

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