East access to MS Office 2003 programs

  Jimbo Blue 15:52 27 Apr 2006


This has been puzzling me for some time. I had MS Works 7.0 pre-installed on my machine (running XP Pro SP2) and upgraded tp MS Office Pro 2003. Can easily put icons on desktop for fast access to individual programs within Office but can't find a way to arrange quick access to the files unlike the Lotus Suite I used before. Am I expecting too much?
I can put everything into My Documents but then I open prog. from desktop then have to re-open prog. from within My Desktop.
There must be an easier way surely??

Thanks Jim

  Jimbo Blue 15:53 27 Apr 2006

Not East but easy. Thanks, Jim

  Skills 18:36 27 Apr 2006

If you just double click on the document you wish to work on it should automactically start the relevant program and open with that document ready to be worked on

  Jimbo Blue 12:01 28 Apr 2006

Hi Skills

Thanks. It seems that the quickest way to access files is not to start from an icon on the desktop but to go straight into My Documents, select the program I want to use and then click on the appropriate file. Am I right in believing this? All back to front from Lotus!
When I click on the folder I want it does open in the correct software. However, if I want a second file, when I click on the Open Folder icon (or File, Open) it takes me back to My Documents again. If I then select the software I want and a folder, after that then then software stays on line so that further selections are straight forward.
Surely MS should be easier than this to access files rapidly?

  Skills 14:38 28 Apr 2006

Im not quite with what you are trying to achieve. The default folder that offices opens when you try to open a file can be changed.

If you open up word and then tools | options | file location tab you can modify the location of your documents. Is this along the right line? However it will then default to opening that folder everytime.

  Jimbo Blue 14:50 28 Apr 2006

Hi Skills

I am comparing MS Office, which is relatively new to me, with Lotus which I used for years. With say, WordPro (the same is true of the rest of the suite) if you place a WordPro icon on the desktop then when you click it takes you directly to WordPro and not around the houses to get there. You have immediate access to the files you have created.
I was surprised that it apprears that MS Office takes a walk around the garden before allowing you into the part you want to get to.

  Skills 19:37 28 Apr 2006

You can create a shortcut to the various office application on your desktop if you wish. Find the shortcuts to say word in the start menu and then right click on it and choose send to desktop ( create shortcut)

Once word is open it is just a case of choosing file open and opening your document

  ade.h 21:12 28 Apr 2006

Or picking it from the entries on the File menu of Word/Excel?etc. Up to you how many you allow there; I have it set to 8.

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