DVD's that play on player won't play on PC

  kinger 19:52 27 Jan 2006

I am a little concerned about DVD's lately.

I rent them from Amazon for a fixed montly fee.

When I play them on a standard DVD player (under our TV) they play fine but, when I put them into either my notebook PC or my Desktop PC they won't play.

I am about to purchase a Sony unit especially designed to plug into your TV where it has Windows Media Centre installed and, of course, a DVD player.

Now, this is the question. Since this Sony unit is designed to be more of a computer than a stand-a-lone DVD player will my DVD's play on it or will I end up not having a DVD player at all to play rented discs on.

I imagine that they are copy protected which is why playback on PC is forbidden.

Does anyone know anything about rented DVD's, are they only for conventional DVD player play back or can something be done to enable playing on Computers?

  jack 19:57 27 Jan 2006

You may have a point about the DVD's not working on a PC, as a copy protection move. But you maybe also simply be lacking a suitable player software you did not mention what you have installed here
The normal DVD player software seems to be PowerDVD.
But there is a range of freebies out there that a Google search will reveal

You could start at - click here

  kinger 20:08 27 Jan 2006

Your link is dead but anyway, I use PowerDVD and Windows Media Player and a couple of others on the two computers.

The picture comes out jerky with no sound when I play a rented DVD but on a 'bought from the shop' DVD they play perfectly on anything.

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