BLUELEN 20:27 09 Jul 2008

I have just installed LG RC278 DVD Recorder/vcr combi but the auto channel search has only found terrestrial channels no digital ones from my Sony bravia tv with built in freeview.I am wrong in expecting it to do so? I thought I would be able to record freeview channels. I have checked that the scart lead is connected as instructed. Any information would be gratefully received.Thanks

  natdoor 20:58 09 Jul 2008

It appears that the LG RC278 has omly an analogue tuner. Hence it will not tune in to freeview channels.

If your TV has video out via a scart, then a fully wired scart should enable you to record the freeview channel to which the TV is tuned. This might only be possible via the VCR but, if so, you could subsequently dub to DVD if required.

  oresome 21:00 09 Jul 2008

The LG almost certainly only has a analogue tuner.

Recording digital channels will be possible via the digital tuner in the Sony TV. You will have to select the appropriate auxillary input in the LG menu and the required channel on the TV. The scart lead will pass the info from the TV to the recorder.

You won't be able to record one digital channel whilst watching another and timer recordings from the auxillary input will require the source to be also switched on and set at the desired channel.

You could also get a digital set top box for the recorder to allow recording of one digital channel whilst watching another.

  BLUELEN 21:02 09 Jul 2008

Thanks will investigate and give it a try

  jack 08:30 10 Jul 2008

Oresome wrote
'Recording digital channels will be possible via the digital tuner in the Sony TV. '
Does this TV [or any other] have Signal Output sockets?
I have always understood TV's are 'end of the line'
They take signal but do not out put them to third party devices.

A set top box is the answer of course then the DVD recorder is independent of the TV whether or not it has outputs

  oresome 14:28 10 Jul 2008


The output on my TV, which is labelled AV2 has several switchable options as follows: TV, AV1, AV3 or MON.

I presume other TV's are similar. My Panasonic is around 10 years old now.

  jack 19:47 10 Jul 2008

Those sockets - they actually send a signal OUT- ?
Are they not to receive signals in from various player devices?

  DieSse 00:43 11 Jul 2008

Most TVs have at least one of their sockets wired to output as well as input.

  100andthirty 19:53 11 Jul 2008

assuming your TV does output a signal you'll need to set your DVD to one of the AV or line inputs. But as others have said a freeview set top box will be by far the easiest solution

  anchor 14:43 20 Jul 2008

As has be already said, get an inexpensive Freeview set-top box and connect the scart out, to the AV in of your recorder.

Even if your TV has an output connection, you would have to have it switched on to get any signal to your recorder. Moreover, you probably would be unable to view another channel whilst recording. Not very convenient!.

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