dvd RECORDERs the early days ?

  xxtimbo 13:46 21 Nov 2005

I ve got a panasonic dvd recorder
it cost 200 squid
it works ok then theres suddenly
horizontal line interference for a second or two on screen
then sometimes the screen turns blue
like a blue negative

I ve also got a cyberhome dvd cost 90 squid
Im watching tv through it the pics it last about 2 mins then the screen goes blank
and the words no picture source come up on screen
It plays cds great though.

so thats a total of 300 squid outlayed
on dvd players and both machines are
faulty in some way.

is this because we are in the early
days of dvd players
is this just teething problems ??
Personally I m feeling a little stuffed.

  Icky 17:14 21 Nov 2005

Are you sure your aerial is receiving a strong enough signal?

  xxtimbo 17:27 21 Nov 2005

yes theres no problem with the
tv sat signal
Im just wondering if anyone else
is having probs with dvd recorders
as I say I ve laid out £300
and both machines are faulty and
they re both brand new

i bought the panasonic from one tv satellite sales
I phone up the customer phone today
I was on for 10 mins listening to
music then a voice came on
you are No 15 in the queque
I gave up I m losing the will to live.
I sent an e mail to one tv this morning
I ll have to await developements

  Carbonara 10:54 22 Nov 2005

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