DVD recorders??

  bythor 22:27 28 Jan 2008

Hi folks. I want to record something that's on Bravo (on Sky Digital) and put it onto DVD. I need then to buy myself a DVD recorder. I have a 40" TFT screen with HDMI ports. I thought it was just a case of finding a DVD recorder with HDMI, but among the plethora I'm finding the warnings "analogue tuner, not compatible with digital signals". Am I correct in thinking this is irrelevant as I'm copying direct from my Sky box (or screen) to the DVD recorder, and the analogue tuner won't come into play? Or am I missing something here?
Lastly, any pointers on a decent machine that I won't need a buckert load of money for?

  bythor 20:46 29 Jan 2008

thanks for your input folks. I should have said it's a Sky+ box I have, don't know if that makes any difference. I know that will record to it's hard disk, but I want to burn to DVD. Anyway, is there any advantage to taking the DVD recorder from the HDMI socket on the TV? Will it still work?

  100andthirty 20:54 29 Jan 2008

The HDMI socket on the TV is almost certainly an Input, not an output

  bythor 21:05 29 Jan 2008

Aha, well there you go I presumed the HDMI was bidirectional - good thing I asked here! So, if there is a DVD recorder with an HDMI port what's it used for? Maybe I'm looking too far into this. All I want is to know the best (and best value) way to record Bravo onto DVD. I guess I thought HDMI was a route, but if not so be it!

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