DVD recorder & TV with built-in freeview

  HipChick 12:45 06 Aug 2007

I just bought a DVD recorder(LG DR275, nothing expensive, just something to be able to record some things to watch on the laptopAt the weekend I hooked it up to my Samsung HD TV which has an integral freeview receiver. The DVD recorder won't pick up any of the digital channels - should it? Or do I need to buy a separate freeview receiver to connect to the TV? If I do, will it interfere with the freeview signal in the TV?

  Stuartli 14:51 06 Aug 2007

You need to connect your TV to the LG recorder (the manual will detail just what lead to use).

However, you won't be able to record a Freeview channel and watch another on the TV, unless you use the analogue TV channel.

  holme 16:20 06 Aug 2007

Further to what Stuartli said, you'll very likely find a standard SCART lead will do the job.

To record the digital signal coming from the TV, you also need to select the DVD recorder INPUT to whichever SCART socket you have connected to the TV. Usually that's the 'A1' (or 'AV1') setting. But if that doesn't work, try 'A2' (or 'AV2').

Note that the upstream signal from the TV is limited to the relatively low quality 'composite' video standards (rather than RGB or S-video), so you /may/ notice a reduction in recording quality, especially if replayed on the laptop. Nothing you can do about that but I thought I'd mention it.

Note also that you /may/ need to have the TV switched on for the signal to be sent to the DVD recorder. However, some TVs will still output a signal if they are set to timer record (i.e. to a VCR or DVD recorder). HTH.

  karmgord 20:28 09 Aug 2007

check both manuals as most modern telly & dvd recorders have smart link when conected by a fully wired 21pin scart, this will allow you to use the freeview epg to program the dvd recorder to record

  HipChick 13:03 10 Aug 2007

Thanks for the replies. This is driving me crazy.
Yesterday I bought the DVD recorder it's own freeview receiver, just an inexpensive one.

Last night I tried to connect it to AV2. STill no joy. If I now have 3 bits of kit - TV, DVD recorder and freeview receiver, please can someone tell me which bit connects to what?

And the TV in/out antennae, where do they go? They're currently plugged into the DVD recorder -does something need to go to the separate freeview receiver? Thanks again.

  holme 15:29 10 Aug 2007

I'm beginning to sense that you make need more detailed assistance than can be provided (in words) through this Forum.

If you would like to let me know the model number of your TV, and the make and model number of the stand-alone Freeview receiver bought yesterday, I will knock up a block diagram over the weekend and email it to you (if you wish).

It will show the three units and the necessary interconnections for aerial leads and SCART cables, with explanatory notes. Then maybe we can take it from there. HTH.

  HipChick 16:29 10 Aug 2007

Holme - thanks, I will, tonight!

  Stuartli 17:37 10 Aug 2007

TV aerial to Freeview box first, DVD recorder second (if it has an RF loop) and then to the TV (similar set up to having a Freeview STB and VCR).

  holme 17:59 10 Aug 2007

I'll be sending HipChick a detailed packup over the weekend, including cabling, switching etc
(please see my post @ 15:29).

  Stuartli 00:03 11 Aug 2007

I hope he doesn't packup, merely get it right...:-)

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