DVD Recorder, Sky box and TV interconnects - Block Diagram?

  m.robertson 11:47 23 Sep 2011

I've tried various combinations concerning the above, but still can't input material to the DVD recorder from that already (previously)recorded on the Sky box hard disc from TV. My equipment is fairly new and is RGB, HDMI, DVI,(TVx2 SCARTS), (SKYx1 SCART), (DVD RCDR.x2 SCARTS)capable. A block diagram would be of immense help. Failing that, a known, workable hook-up list would be great. My DVD and TV handbooks are useless.

  ICF 15:21 23 Sep 2011

Make and models of TV,DVD recoder and model of sky box?

  HondaMan 17:42 23 Sep 2011

My setup is asas follows: Aerials into sky-box. From sky-box one to TV, one (HDMI) to external DVD recorder and then from external DVD recorder to TV via SCART. I also have a second connection going via SCART from the sky box to a second DVD recorder and back. So that I can copy to 2 HDD recorders at the same time.

The important link is into your sky-box then to the DVD recorder and then back to the TV

  m.robertson 18:55 23 Sep 2011

My thanks, HondaMan for most useful data concerning your own interconnects. All good stuff. ICF, also thanks for your quick response. To answer your question, the equipment details are as follows:

DVD Recorder with HDD: LG RHT497H.
Sky+HD box: Amstrad DRX 890.
TV: Samsung LE37C650L 1K.

Hope this helps.


  Kevscar1 08:09 24 Sep 2011

My DVD recorder has a single button which when pressed records whats on screen. If you have this facility then play on your sky box. and press that butoon.

  m.robertson 18:21 26 Sep 2011

Thanks to the three of you for posting. I think we've now managed to copy from the Sky box to the DVD recorder satifactorily. However, there's just one final puzzle; this copying is, as Kevscar infers, in 'real time'. This seems to be a long process. We're wondering if it's possible to high speed the copying i.e., whether the speeds on both machines can be programmed to operate in sync at higher speeds and thereby get the copying over and done with much quicker...........

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