DVD Recorder, Satelite Box & TV

  ventanas 09:04 15 Aug 2005

I know this is not really PC related, and will understand if its killed, but I'm hoping someone can assist with this. I want to set up the three appliances in the title, which require the TV to have two scart sockets, and mine has only one.

I have seen what are called scart blocks as click here and wonder if something like this would solve my problem. How would one of these boxes recognise which is "out" and which is "in" or does it matter. Grateful for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 15 Aug 2005

As I understand it, some of these blocks are "smart" ie they automatically detect what's happening.

Others have a manual switch on them so that you can decide which is which.

Mind you, I am speaking as one who does not have a television so may well be wrong...

  Batch 09:35 15 Aug 2005

You could try posting on the discussion forums at click here as you are much more likely to get an appropriate response.

  Rogerfredo 09:48 15 Aug 2005

Surely the normal setup is: Satellite box to DVD recorder in. Then DVD recorder out to the TV.
(Assuming your DVD recorder has 2 scarts)

  Batch 09:55 15 Aug 2005

Alternatively try downloading the following comprehensive pdf document:

click here

  Batch 10:00 15 Aug 2005

Following OzzyOs's reply.

I have a Freeview box (equivalent of the satellite box?) which has 2 scarts. Both DVD recorder and TV are connected to Freeview box, so only one scart is in use on each of DVD recorder and TV. When DVD recorder plays back on TV, it is via the Freeview box. I would have thought that a satellite box would be the same.

  ventanas 10:06 15 Aug 2005

Thanks, It looks like I could get away with one. I just got the info about needing two from the diagrams supplied with the dvd recorder, but it seems a play through is possible.

Thanks also for the .pdf info. Have just printed it.

Thanks again.

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