DVD Recorder recording wrong TV channel

  Onizuka 17:14 09 Mar 2006

For several years I have had no problems recording a digital channel through my Telewest Cable digibox (Pace) while, at the same time, watching a terrestrial channel, or vice versa, watching a digital channel while recording a terrestrial channel.

However, I have just replaced my old VCR with a Panasonic DVD/VHS recorder (model no. DMR-ES30VEB) and it is driving me mad. Using VIDEO Plus + I set the DVD timer to record two programmes on terrestrial ITV and, again using VIDEO Plus +, I set the VHS timer to record digital E4. The Programme Check confirmed that I had set the correct timings and channel settings (channel 3 for the DVD and AV2 for the VHS). While I was watching BBC2 on digital (channel 102 on the Telewest Cable box) the DVD recorder switched itself on at the correct time and the front display showed channel 3 (ITV1).

The next day I found that while the VHS had correctly recorded the programme on E4, the DVD had recorded the programme I was watching on BBC2 and not the ITV programmes. However, in the thumbnail mode both recordings are titled ITV.

I have been quite unable to deliberately introduce this error which has occurred more than once. The TV is a Panasonic TX-32PB50 with three scart sockets and the units are connected as follows:

Cable Box TV scart to TV AV1 scart
Cable Box VCR scart to DVD/VHS AV2 decoder scart
DVD/VHS AV1 TV scart to Philips Wireless TV link scart IN (feeds second TV in other room)
Philips Wireless TV link scart OUT to TV AV4 scart
Outside roof aerial in to Cable Box
Cable Box RF output to DVD/VHS RF input
DVD/VHS RF output to TV aerial input

Can anybody advise please.

  DieSse 13:34 10 Mar 2006

I glean from what you say that you were trying to record an analogue programme - and at the same time record a digital programme and watch a different digital programme.

This strikes me as not possible, unless your cable-box has two *tuners* and so can be selected to two different digital channels at the same time.

  Onizuka 16:19 10 Mar 2006

DieSse – No, this is not the case and my apologies if I did not make it clear. Possibly my referring to it as terrestrial led to confusion with digital terrestrial, eg Freeview, which I do not have. My TV does not have built-in digital either; the only digital signals I get are through the cable box which has only one “tuner”. I might have agreed with your suggestion that I was trying to record one digital programme while watching a different digital programme if it were not for the fact that I have had digital cable for several years and am well accustomed to the fact that it is not possible with my set-up. On the evening in question I deliberately chose to record the ITV1 programme on analogue because I wanted to be able to switch between different digital channels while it was on.

I had set the DVD to record ITV1 on analogue while I was watching BBC2 on digital. It is the fact that the DVD recorded the BBC2 digital channel instead, even though the front display of the recorder was showing channel 3 during the recording and the chapter titles show ITV, that has got me baffled. The VHS correctly recorded the digital channel E4 but that particular programme was transmitted some time after I had finished watching BBC2 on digital and had switched off the TV.

  Monument 16:19 10 Mar 2006

I have a similar set up and what Onizuka is trying should work (So long as two programs are not on at the same time. He/She wants to record two programs from Terrestrial and one from Digital.

I would check the following:Is the DVD tuned correctly to the terrestrial channels. I have AV2 as digital and 1 -5 as Terrestrial.

I do not think you need the aerial to go through both the Cable box and the DVD, just the DVD should suffice.

  Onizuka 17:25 10 Mar 2006

DieSse, Monument - Re-reading the earlier posts (including my own!) I can see now where confusion may have arisen and reflect on the folly of not taking sufficient time to ensure that ALL the circumstances of a problem are clearly detailed. If, when I had started the subject, I had also included the following:

9.0pm to 10.30pm - recording analogue ITV1 on DVD
9.0pm to 10.30pm - watching BBC2 on digital
10.30pm - switch off TV and go to bed
11.00pm to 12.00 midnight - recording digital E4 on VHS

then DieSse would not have made his/her perfectly understandable and reasonable comment.

Monument – as I hope is clear from my first response (which appears to have been posted at exactly the same time as yours so I guess you wouldn’t have then seen it), you will realise I was not trying to record two digital programmes at the same time. I, too, have AV2 as digital and 1-5 as terrestrial/analogue but I will check the tuning as you suggest. My technical ignorance is vast so I can’t comment about the need for the aerial to go through both the cable box and the DVD/VCR recorder. The set-up is as the Telewest engineers left it when they originally installed the cable box years ago and I’ve had no reason to change it. Maybe I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

Onizuka (A “He”, not a “She”)

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