DVD Recorder Problem

  Les 14:24 07 Jul 2006

I have had a Philips HDRW 720/05 DVD Recorder for 18 months now and it has given very good service during that time. It was coupled to a Toshiba 26" TV and saw the 5 main TV Channels plus those from the Pace Satellite receiver. However, a problem has arisen after I upgraded my TV to a Sony KDL 40S2010 LCD TV which incorporated Freeview - the Philips appears to be unable to see the Freeview programs - doing a auto search stops when the above mentioned programs are found - would I be correct in thinking that it is incapable of 'seeing' Freeview? The programs it is seeing are all Analogue - the Freeview of course is Digital.

  amonra 14:59 07 Jul 2006

Your DVD Recorder will only see the single output from the Digibox. ie. it will only see the program that the digibox is tuned to. The output from the digibox can be either on the scart lead or RF on channel 28. In order to record something on BBC Four it will be necessary to set the digibox to Four and leave it, you cant watch anything else off the digibox whilst the program is being recorded. You can still watch the analogue channels but not the digital. Hope this makes sense. If you want to watch other digital channels you will have to buy a second digibox.

  Les 15:15 07 Jul 2006

Thanks for the reply. Freeview is integrated with the LCD TV - not a seperate box. It appears that I may, if I wish to record Freeview, get a HDD Freeview DVD Recorder - the Philips is clearly an Analogue only recorder.

  FelixTCat 18:55 16 Jul 2006

It would be a lot cheaper to get a decoder box for £30 or so if you are happy with the Philips. DVD recorders with integrated decoders are expensive.

So many remotes and (sigh) so little time.

  Les 19:22 16 Jul 2006

Thanks for the post - just too late. I've just bought the new Panasonic 4 in 1 to replace the Philips. I have a large collection of VHS Tapes and intend to transfer the films to DVD.

By way of explanation of this apparent extravagence - I am of an age where keeping occupied is of paramount importance - boredom for me is just not acceptable and is to be avoided at all cost (literally!!). I (some may say foolishly) watched QVC on Freeview - this device was being shown - and, as it appears vastly superior to the Philips I succumbed to the temptation. <G>

Thanks again for your suggestion.

  Babou 00:03 17 Jul 2006

I have a Panasonic DVD recorder/digibox combo & it's fab. Especially easy with DVD RAM discs, and not too pricey at £160 (Argos). Transferring old videotapes is a right bore, though I have had some good laughs from old wedding footage!

  Nuneatonian 01:37 09 Aug 2006

Hi there
I am having trouble connecting a DVD player to my skybox. My TV has only 1 scart. I tried connecting the Player with the VCR scart (on the Skybox, but it seems to not want to know. When I turn off the Skybox and I have turned on the player nothing is on screen. I have bought new scart cables just in case, still makes no difference.
Any one help please? Please note the jargon RF etc is all confusing to me!!!


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