dvd recorder doesnt get virgin box picture

  jake81 00:21 12 Sep 2008

Just got a new sony bravia tv with built in freeview on it,
have a panasonic dvd/hdd recorder
and i cant set it up to pick up my virgin box

scart from virgin box > sony tv built in freeview
Virgin box > Pansonic hdd
Panasoniv dvd > tv
Virgin on av1 from tv is ok
virgin from the av connection on panasonic hdd has sound no pics or sometime sounds like a feedback noise or echo and gets faster? is the freeview built the tv confusing things?

  MCE2K5 00:56 12 Sep 2008

Disconnect this cable 'scart from virgin box > sony tv built in freeview' and it will work.

2 inputs from Virgin Box = Feedback.

  BRYNIT 01:12 12 Sep 2008

Two scarts leads from the Virgin box does not cause feed back.

Check you have connected the TV scart out to the TV and the VCR scart out from the Virgin box to the correct scart connection of the Panasonic DVD/HD box usually AV2.

Also scheck that the scart leads are seated correctly.

I have a similar set up with a Samsung TV, Sony DVD/HD and Virgin box with no problems.

  MCE2K5 02:03 12 Sep 2008

But you haven't got a Panasonic HDD DVD Recorder, I have, and by doing what I said will clear the Problem.

  MCE2K5 02:41 12 Sep 2008

Review & Setup of a Panasonic DMR-EX 85 by our very own 'FatboySlim71' click here scroll down to 'Connections on the back of the DMR-EX85 are' this bit 'Video out'.

  jake81 19:06 12 Sep 2008

Thanks people , will try your solutions and get back to you .......

  jake81 20:55 12 Sep 2008

Back again.. tried both solutions..

MCE2K5 yours stopped the feedback but the screen was like midnight snowstorm..

BRYNIT, checked leads and connections but no change,

I shall get myself a new quality scart lead tommorrow.. and try again,
as i have one really good one and one that looks a bit cheap.. maybe getting interference.

I really appreciate your help and quick responce with this problem. Jake81

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