DVD Complications

  brambles 21:43 23 Jun 2006

I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder that uses RAM discs which are excellent but only within the recorder itself - I want to see videos on my PC

I haven't been very succesful in recording on my DVD recorder and playing back on the PC. My recorder does take DVD-RW which it has to format first - then I record & finalise but still my computer doesn't recognise the DVD either in Windows Media Player or in InterVideo Win TV Gold.
My computer is 4 years old could this be the problem?


  brambles 16:06 24 Jun 2006

Haol & siouxah1 - thank you for kindly replying.

I am recording on DVD-RW discs in my Panasonic recorder which it supports in addition to DVD-RAM.

Therefore, after finalising, surely it should play in any PC DVD Player?

I don't get any error message - just 'Please insert disc' even though it is firmly in the drive.


  brambles 16:40 24 Jun 2006

Yes thanks ade.h I'm going to try it in my daughter's modern Toshiba. She's in Spain on holiday & if 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' isn't recorded properly there's no Duty free drinks for me.
Thanks again


  brambles 21:54 26 Jun 2006

freaky - I feel a new PC coming on!!

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