DVD compatibility

  PhilT71 14:09 03 Jan 2006

I've recently bought a Sony RDR GX210 DVD recorder, partly to burn camcorder footage onto DVD. I've burned DVD-Rs for 2 family members but although they will play on their(non-Sony)DVD players, there are continual long pauses during playback. Anyone know why this is happening?

  De Marcus™ 23:38 03 Jan 2006

Did you finalise the disk in the recorder before handing them out?

Some players will play unfinalised disks quite well, others won't and some don't play them at all. Make sure you finalise all disks when you've finished recording to them, check your manual.

  PhilT71 09:22 04 Jan 2006

Yes, disks were finalised. They play fine on the Sony they were recorded on, not surprisingly. My relatives' players are both quite cheap and cheerful, which may have something to do with it, but I thought all players should be able to handle finalised DVD-Rs.

  jakimo 18:39 04 Jan 2006

Your Sony Gx210 DVD is a dual recorder (Plays DVD-r & DVD+r), but there is a lot of recorders that will only play one or the other.

  HXP 20:46 12 Jan 2006


It might be the brand of DVD disk as various brands use different dye types - if you have DVd owning mates at work worth trying a few - I use Data safe brand which so far have been foolproof.

Had some major probs with other brands so I tend to stick with the above brand that I know works ....

The prblems I had were similar to the ones t you describe ... not easy to bottom these out sometimes.

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