dubbing from a VHS tape to a DVD

  Ken-1302006 17:36 21 Oct 2008

Using a Sony RDR VX410 VCR/DVD recorder to dubb from a VCR tape to a DVD, which it did ok, I finalised it,the DVD plays ok on the Sony but will not play on my computer or on any other DVD player.Any ideas.

  MCE2K5 22:09 21 Oct 2008

click here last post,

Sony RDR-VX410

"The two main problems I had were: Using DVD+RW dics (Philips branded and Verbatim branded) the files created on the DVD disc would have CRC errors written to them. This made it unreliable when playing the discs on this and other machines (including DVD Players and Computer DVD drives)."

  jack 10:27 22 Oct 2008

Though I have to say that I only use 'generic' unbranded- and have no problems in that area
My machine is also a Sony,
Ensure it is a type the handbook says to use.
DVD R [ +or- matters not which]

  Ken-1302006 15:37 23 Oct 2008

Thanks to MCE2KS and Jack for quick responce,here is further info, saving the DVD on my computer it lists the file as DVD_RTAV when I open this it becomes VR_MANGR,VR_MANGR,VR_MOVIE clicking VR_MANGR it will now play in windows media player.if I try the DVD in my other DVD recorder it will not play and shos as a data disc.

  MCE2K5 18:35 23 Oct 2008

Which type of DVD are you using?




  Ken-1302006 20:21 23 Oct 2008

Thanks again MCE2KS, I have used DVD-RW disc, is this likely to be the problem.

  MCE2K5 20:43 23 Oct 2008

Are you sure you have Finalised this DVD in your Sony RDR VX410 VCR/DVD recorder.

I ask, Because when I use DVD-RW's on my Panasonic & Toshiba DVD/HDD Recorders, When Finalised they turn into standard Film DVD's,

i.e. Two Directorys



No1 has all the video & Menu's.

No2 is Empty (Just for Compatability).

What you have on your DVD-RW is a DVD-RW (Written in) VR-Mode.

See this click here

  jack 20:56 23 Oct 2008

Are equal - some do one thing others do not.
RW disks [CD or DVD] are notorious and very often will only run on the software and computer that created them.
I suggest you switch to standard CR/DVD R

After all RW- means Read and write -that is they can be recorded over.
They are intended as sort of backup disk after all.
Finalize one and I guess it is er - finalized -mucked up a dead disk.

  MCE2K5 22:42 23 Oct 2008

Found this "How to play a finalized DVD-RW VR Mode disks in Windows Media Player" click here

Personally I use Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 to get VR Mode dvd-ram, dvd-rw & dvd+rw's to my pc, then re-burn with menu's & chapters.

  Ken-1302006 15:02 25 Oct 2008

Thank you to MCE2K5 and jack you have both improved my knowledge, and the links provided were good. However I have resolved the problem by studying the setup menu on the recorder and re recording in video mode instead of VR mode, it now plays ok.With egg on my face,many thanks to you both.

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