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  morddwyd 04:30 02 May 2015

Like many, I need to use headphones with my TV and, like most, with the notable exception of Panasonic, once you plug headphones in the sound is muted.

I normally get round this by using the audio out to a headphone pre-amp, but on my latest TV, a Samsung, you must select either speakers or audio output, so I'm stuck with the situation where I only have one option or the other.

Any suggestions?

It's a smart TV so is it likely to have Bluetooth, and is that likely to work? Would a Bluetooth dongle use a different connection?

I normally use Sennheiser wireless phones.

  alanrwood 18:05 02 May 2015

Why would you want to have sound when you are using headphones. Seems a bit unusual.

  wee eddie 18:30 02 May 2015

Alanwood: One partner can hear, the other could be deaf as a post

  john bunyan 18:51 02 May 2015

I think, if you have a Digital Audio Output socket, a converter (about £11) would do the trick. I have a Denon speaker system that connects with the Optical Digital connector, and in my case I had to use the TV option to turn off the TV speakers.

Have a look here:


  AroundAgain 19:32 02 May 2015


I was trying to get a solution re this issue some time ago, which you may remember. It's at here

The best solution I came up with, but not 100% satisfied with the result, was to plug the (wireless) headphones into my Humax box, therefore allowing the TV to still produce sound.

The one (minor) issue I had with this was that the sound via the Humax/Headphones seemed to be just a fraction of a second ahead of the screen, so it just seemed to not sync quite so well. However, I think this is minimal and would easily adapt to it as/when it was necessary to use the set-up.

Regarding using the Optical output thingy, I found it didn't work on my TV, something to do with needing a more expensive adaptor (I think) or something so I didn't persue it. I'll check with the thread I've linked as I think it's explained in there. I'll have to post back about that, once I've found it. I was very lucky to have the help of one of the Customer Services chaps from RicherSounds.com

I was going to buy one of these but I haven't done so yet. See page 3 of the thread I linked

I'll follow this thread with interest.


  morddwyd 19:34 02 May 2015

Thanks for all the responses.

Can't use the audio out phono sockets as you can select either those or speakers and I need both.


I had already looked at the optical output solution, but not sure if it would work.

The trouble is that, like most modern TVs, it has an "on-screen" manual, which makes it damned difficult to leaf through and cross-refer!

  AroundAgain 19:40 02 May 2015

morddwyd Can you get the manual online?
Then, put on tablet/phone/laptop to read, perhaps? J

  john bunyan 09:59 03 May 2015


As ßeta says, the model no of the TV is needed. However the point I made with my link, was that the speakers are not auto muted when you plug in to the Optical Digital Audio socket, so you would not need to go into the TV settings. It would appear to tick all your boxes).I did so because I wanted to mute them as I used it for a Denon speaker system. Not sure about volume control on the headphones; some have one in the lead. Worth risking £11 in my view!!

  morddwyd 10:27 04 May 2015

Model number is UE55H6700.

Unfortunately the only manual available on line is the generic "Samsung LED TV" one.

  john bunyan 13:04 04 May 2015

I had a look at the manual from here; Manual

As you say it is a bit non specific but on page 21 it describes the headphone connector and says that the set speakers are muted when headphones connected. However on page 23 it says you can connect the "Audio out" on the TV to the "Audio in of another device. I am uncertain what shape the socket is on your set - if a 3.5 mm audio socket I suppose you could use a jack plug with a 3.5 socket at the other end. If it is an optical digital socket my earlier links apply. Great set BTW !!

  john bunyan 13:09 04 May 2015

Also see page 160!!

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