Dual sim phone or dual sim adapter?

  BV4400 03:22 14 Dec 2015

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is still under guarantee. My home is the UK but I travel abroad a lot and really would like to have a dual sim capability. I am thinking of buying a dual sim Galaxy Note 5 while I am Vietnam but it will be without a guarantee. My other option is to buy a dual sim adapter and use it with my existing phone. Will a dual sim adapter work the same way as a dual sim Galaxy Note 5?

  alanrwood 08:55 15 Dec 2015

What is a dual sim adaptor? Never heard of it. Do you have a link to an example.

  RV510 13:28 15 Dec 2015

A dual SIM adapter is a strip of wafer thin plastic that has a SIM type section one end and a SIM type socket the other end which are connected, insert the one end in your phones SIM socket and then the SIM and insert your second sim in the socket end of the adapter. BUT, inserting the adapter into the phones SIM socket reduces the width and you may find that it will be difficult without exerting considerable force to insert the SIM without causing damage to the adapter or the phones socket, also if you are successful in fitting it up you may find that the adapter and second SIM will not fit under the back of the case if the phone is quite thin. You will have to go into your phones settings every time you wish to use one or the other SIM cards. I would advise BV4400 to buy a cheap phone and when abroad buy a SIM in whichever Country you're in and use it in the cheap phone. Alanrwood, if you want to see what these adapters are like look on eBay.

  spuds 14:05 15 Dec 2015


I think this is what BV4400 is suggesting click here

  BV4400 14:27 15 Dec 2015

Thank you RV510 and I will take your advice. For interest does a dual sim phone have to go to settings every time to change sim being used?

  mole1944 14:31 15 Dec 2015

Found this on Amazon click here

  BV4400 14:45 15 Dec 2015

Thanks Mole1944 but I will take RV510 advice

  RV510 14:52 15 Dec 2015

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure if you have to go into 'settings' to switch SIMs on a dual SIM phone but the best way to find out is to look around the 'net and look for a dual SIM phone that looks like would suit your needs, make a note of the make and model, put that into a Google search adding 'user manual PDF' if there is one, download/open it and look it over, the information will be there on how it works, it will probably be different between makes and models.

  BV4400 15:11 15 Dec 2015

Thank you again RV510...I will research....I see there are some cheap dual sim phones and I will try to get the user manual

  spuds 15:39 15 Dec 2015

I see there are some cheap dual sim phones and I will try to get the user manual

PoundWorld were selling Nokia type dual sim phones recently for about £9.00. I purchased one,but haven't bothered with it yet.

  alanrwood 20:06 15 Dec 2015

On a dual sim phone both sims are active for receiving calls but you have to select which sim is being used for outgoing calls , internet etc. Also only one of the sims is 3G active, the other remains on 2G.

Thanks for the info on the adaptors. Never seen these before so I have learned something today.

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