dropped scenes on burning to DVD

  magsmusic 13:40 14 May 2006

I have some 8mm films which a professional company has transcribed to DVD. The files are .vob format and my Studio 8 software does not import them. I have converted them to mpeg and the editing programme accepts them. Problem is, when I try to burn them to DVD the finished disc only shows the beginning of each clip. The film plays perfectly in the preview pane.Other mpeg files from this professional firm burn to disc perfectly after editing. Is this a conversion fault or is it my software? I note the unfavourable comments about Pinnacle. Don't know why all the computer mags recommend it if it is so poor!! What editing program will accept .vob files?

  Beerbellee 23:57 14 May 2006

First of all Pinnacle is awful.It almost destroys your PC.Crashes etc.
Does your PC playback your files in full?
Why not forget the software?
Check to see if your video card has a 'TV OUT' socket on.
Utilise this by plugging in the cable which should have been supplied with the card,and put the other end into a skart lead adaptor to plug into a TV dvd recorder,or VHS recorder.

  Beerbellee 00:03 15 May 2006

Playback your movie on full screen,and record on the tv recorder.TV DVD recorders are so cheap now.(bush UK£70)
Use your card software to configure the picture on the tv monitor you will have attached to your TV recorder.So much easier than all those softwares that dont work! and excellent results.
You are basically recording the movie(s) live.
Total control.
Most 3d cards have TV OUT on.

  magsmusic 11:14 15 May 2006

I have no problem with the original files but I want to edit them therefore I need to use some software to do that. The files, when converted to mpeg and edited in Pinnacle studio 8 play perfectly in the preview pane in Pinnacle. The problem arises when I try to burn the finished edited film to my integral DVD drive.

  De Marcus™ 19:23 17 May 2006

If you have a DVD-RW use that for experimenting with and to save 'coaster' syndrome. Also you don't mention your system specs, could you?

Try reducing all unnecessary running background programmes to 0.

Then, I would recommend dropping your burn speed to x4 and then x1 if still unsuccessful.

Secondly I would try editing and encoding to the hard drive as opposed to DVD, watch the resultant file and if all is well burn to disk. If the burned DVD is still missing dropped frames, try burning the encoded files via another software application.

  Smiler 12:27 18 May 2006

"Burning to DVD
First of all Pinnacle is awful.It almost destroys your PC.Crashes etc."

In your opinion.
In my opinion
I have used Pinnacle 8 and it was a bit blocky and awkward. I now have pinnacle studio plus v10 and it's excellent.
And there are loads of other authoring programs available if you do get problems.

If I remember righly dropped frames and syncing was a problem with pinnacle 8. This program is now two years out of date so an upgrade may be the way forward.

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