DrawExpress & Box ? - who/what BOX ?

  816swim 19:45 09 Apr 2017

I have downloaded the 'DrawExpress' app , but when I go in to use it I am being asked some questions via 'BOX' - who and what are 'BOX' and what have they to do with 'DrawExpress' ?

Is this a scam? Help please.

  BRYNIT 17:20 10 Apr 2017

After realising DrawExpress was an apple/android App I would think Box is for online file sharing. Have a read of CLICK HERE

  816swim 21:15 13 Apr 2017


Thanks very much that was really helpful and has helped me break through the BOX access problem I had.

I still can't get DrawExpress to work - I thought being able to get into BOX would have solved my problem, but I understand now that BOX is just a sharing/saving facility.

Hey Ho, I go on to try and crack my DrawExpress difficulties.

Again, I do appreciate you bothering.

Well done and thanks.

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