Download using VoiP telephone - how much bandwidth

  john bunyan 14:05 16 Dec 2015

I have an unlimited download with my current ISP. I am thinking of a change to one with a 20 Gig download a month limit. I use the internet for the usual browsing, occasional iTunes downloads etc - no films nor gaming. I do have a "Vonage" broadband phone for quite a lot of calls. I am trying to guess how much this phone uses; any views? Is there a suitable app to measure my current usage (W7 , 64 bit, ADSL2 )? One I tried did not work!

  Forum Editor 18:15 16 Dec 2015

My guess is that - based on what you say - a 20Gb per month limit would be fine.

You can get a very good idea by using this interactive bandwidth consumption calculator.

  john bunyan 09:14 17 Dec 2015

Forum Editor

Thanks; will follow it up.

  john bunyan 13:57 17 Dec 2015

Forum Editor

Using the calculator I seem to only need less than 5 Gig a month; seems less than I imagined - I suppose with no films nor games, that explains it.

  Forum Editor 18:24 17 Dec 2015

john bunyan

Yes, films, games, and TV eat up bandwidth like there's no tomorrow.

  AroundAgain 18:01 18 Dec 2015

Your ISP should be able to tell you what your previous monthly useage has been, which could give you a good idea of what minimum you need

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