Download memory card to memory stick

  The Potter 22:28 01 Oct 2009

Is that possible if I get a lead to connect the 2?

I'm due to go on holiday in the spring for the first time since I've had a digital camera and don't think I'm going to have enough money to get a laptop to download my images to, so I wondered if I could connect the camera usb to a usb memory stick if I brought a connecting cable (and I'd need advice as to what that's called if it's possible).

The largest capacity SD card my camera will hold is 1GB and I thought, if it worked, it would be cheaper to buy a couple of large capacity memory sticks than several 1GB memory cards.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


  BRYNIT 22:42 01 Oct 2009

Simple answer No

  The Potter 23:14 01 Oct 2009

I like simple!

Thank you.


  DieSse 21:03 02 Oct 2009

You could use this or a similar device. It downloads your card onto a 40GB microdrive.

click here

  anchor 08:49 03 Oct 2009

The simplest & cheapest answer is to get some extra 1Gb SD cards.

Two for £7.50 here:

click here

  hssutton 12:00 03 Oct 2009

I would go along with anchors advice.

I have two of the microdrive type a 40 & 80Gb, and have never had a problem, but I know of people who have got back home to find that many, if not all the photos are corrupt.

When I'm away I take my 40Gb Giga one with me click here, but will only use it in an emergency. Much prefering a large number of 4-8 Gb compactflash cards. These I keep in very smart aluminium cases from 7dayshop click here

  The Potter 01:13 05 Oct 2009

Thanks DieSse but well out of my budget. I didn't know such things existed though so I have learned something.

I have since found out that my camera will take up to at least 4gb sdhc card. I've found I can get 2 for £13 but I just don't know how many I'll need!

If anyone knows where I can get those cheaper, please let me know (although I reckon that's a good price!).

I'm very grateful for you chaps looking at my post - THANK YOU!


  BT 08:45 05 Oct 2009

As to how many cards you will need, when you insert a card in your camera, most cameras have a number that comes up and shows how many pictures you can get on the card at the resolution you have chosen. This is usually several hundred on a 1GB card at an average setting, and will give you some idea as to how many cards you might need.

Another thought is that many high street processing outlets will transfer your images onto a CD for you.

  BRYNIT 09:37 05 Oct 2009

The instruction manual should give you an idea of the amount of pictures your camera will take.

As an example my Samsung camera will take on a 1m card.

At 10M picture
Superfine mode: 183, Fine 334, Normal 472.

At 3M picture
Superfine mode: 495, Fine 814, Normal 1067.

So unless you are going to take more than 1500 pictures at the highest quality two 4GB cards should be enough.

When you get the cards check they work

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