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Down load YouTube to MP3 ?

  RufusChucklebutty 20:49 14 Oct 2019

Can anyone tell me how to download spoken word tracks from YouTube to the micro SD card on my android tablet, so I can play the card in my MP3 player ?

For free if possible ?

  Haddince 08:03 31 Oct 2019

Huh. The ones I used years ago are dead links now, I'm afraid. You can run a google search for online converters but be careful because some of them have adware/malware.

  martd7 16:13 12 Mar 2020

Clip grab works fine for me

click here

  wee eddie 17:52 12 Mar 2020

Thanks Mart

  AroundAgain 07:03 27 Mar 2020

Thanks martd7 I'd not heard of ClipGrab but I've just tried it and it works well so I'm very grateful for you posting this suggestion :)

  aleeam 20:37 10 Apr 2020

You can use Save From Net, which is what I am using now.

  sean121 13:51 13 Apr 2020

That is very helpful piece of information. Sometimes we come across a sound or a song and we feel like just to have it and listen to it. With this guide of yours this has become so easy now. Thanks

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