Doro PhoneEasy 631 phone, questions re SD cards

  polymath 12:52 29 Aug 2018

Helping spouse with camera problem in this phone (no longer working - camera button goes to black screen). Next stop factory reset, and I want to back up his photos first, to restore to the phone memory after the reset.

I know it'll take a micro SD/SDHC card, but is there a maximum GB above which it won't work in this phone? And can it be used in external/removable mode? (I don't want to find that the phone's automatically formatted it as internal and I can't use it for anything else!).

I know how to do all this stuff in my smartphone, but Doro seem to think that releasing this kind of technical information would frighten their customers!

  polymath 21:50 29 Aug 2018

And i forgot to ask if anyone knows how much internal memory the phone has? (The little I've found on that has been contradictory).

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