Doro 410 gsm not sending text messages

  OliverWD 09:42 17 Jan 2013

My Doro 410 gsm receives text messages but 'Fails' to send text, either 'Reply' or new. Battery and signal are good. PAYG contract with Virgin. Suggestions, please?

  Woolwell 13:02 17 Jan 2013

Contact Virgin on 789 and get help with the settings.

  harrysteve12 15:08 18 Jan 2013

I have never had this type of problem. You should have to contact Customer executive to resolve the problem...

  OliverWD 15:17 18 Jan 2013

Thank you, Woolwell and harrysteve12, for your responses - I will follow your sage advice

  sunnystaines 10:07 20 Jan 2013

has it ever sent a text message, we have a Doro phone it can get a text message in but not send one. just how its built no idea why.

  OliverWD 18:16 20 Jan 2013

This is the second instance I have responded, so my apology to those reading this twice. Frustratingly, the Doro 410 gsm sends text messages inconsistently - the last message was sent, but the same message failed on the first attempt. There appears to be no correlation to this issue - strength of signal, battery power or amount of use do not influence whether the text is sent - or not! I will follow previous guideance and contact Virgin when the next text fails - there is no pint in contacting Customer Services when the 'phone appears to be working! Thank you for your support.

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