Don't want to cut off RJ45 plugs

  L Hughes 21:02 10 Feb 2018

I have been using CAT 5e cables (RJ45 both ends) for a LAN around the house. Having building work done and want to put in Ethernet wall sockets. I want to use the cables but don't really want to cut the plugs of the cables to then wire into the backs of the sockets! I'm sure someone can think of a simple answer to help me.

  alanrwood 11:27 11 Feb 2018

Why not. There is no other reliable way of terminating the wires at the Wall socket.

The wall socket where it terminated will not move again so there is no reason not to cut the cable.

If you have a problem then a ethernet RJ45 kit and crimper are very cheap.

  L Hughes 11:39 11 Feb 2018

Thanks. My reasons for not wanting to cut the plugs were 1 The time/work involved (although an electrician I'm not the quickest at wiring these sockets) and 2 The cables are already neatly (and presumably accurately) terminated in these plugs so I may mess them up... Still, I can see I may have to this. Thanks again. L

  john bunyan 12:47 11 Feb 2018

Why not use something like


There are others

  john bunyan 12:48 11 Feb 2018



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