Does my phone battery need replacing

  ponytail 13:03 27 Sep 2018

I have been going through me and the wifes unused mobile phones and have a arranged to sell them.I have a problem with one as I seem unable to get the battery to charge it is a Samsung S3 Mini and nothing happens when I plug the charger in.Have just tried the charger from my new Samsung with the same result but when I plug the old charger into my new Samsung it starts charging so the charger works so am I correct in thinking it is the battery.Not worth buying a new battery considering what I will get for the phone.

  wee eddie 17:17 27 Sep 2018

Assuming that it was working when you retired it. Sell it without a battery.

  alanrwood 18:41 27 Sep 2018

No, it sounds like it might be the phone charge control circuitry which is faulty so to sell it would entail a risk.

  ponytail 09:12 29 Sep 2018

The phone was working fine when I changed to my new one and it will not charge even when I use the charger from my new Samsung

  ponytail 09:17 29 Sep 2018

As I said in my thread we are going through all the phones we no longer use.My wife has a Nokia RM-799 and even though there is no sim card in it it still shows all the messages and she has just checked and there are about 1000 replies to her messages she needs to delete but it will take ages to delete them one by one.Is there a quicker way to delete that many messages.Am just going to check if there re any messages on there which she sent herself and will put result on here.

  ponytail 09:33 29 Sep 2018

There are 1632 messages in the inbox and 2225 messages in the sent box and 75 conversations.I do not understand why she let them build up.

  junction11mot 10:11 29 Sep 2018

Sell it with a battery and you can buy a new charger. click here

  ponytail 10:18 29 Sep 2018

That link takes me to a car parts website

  ponytail 10:29 29 Sep 2018

On the Nokia RM-799 I have found clear but when I press it I am asked for a Security Code which we do not have any advice please.

  junction11mot 10:31 29 Sep 2018

Sorry for that, i was just trying to solve your problem. what ever you gotted a link that link put by the mistake.

  ponytail 10:56 29 Sep 2018

Thats ok thanks for trying to help

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