Does anyone have the BT TV service?

  Forum Editor 11:55 21 Jan 2017

I currently have a SKY subscription, but for various reasons I am thinking about a change to BT TV. I could get the service for £10 q month at present, which is considerably less that I pay SKY.

I have no experience of it, and I wondered if any of you can help with some feedback - does it all work well, or are there snags? I have a BT Infinity broadband connection at home, and am very pleased with that.

  lotvic 13:47 21 Jan 2017

I used to have Sky tv (a few years back) but now have Freesat and also Talktalk.

BT TV use a YouView set top box.

YouView set top boxes use a rooftop aerial for ordinary viewing and Internet connection for Catchup, On Demand, etc.

As part of my ISP package I have YouView Talktalk PVR box (signal via roof aerial and internet). I also have a FreeSat PVR box (free to view channels signal via Sat. dish) and can swap between the two (actually three as TV also has its own freeview built in)

A sky box continues to get Freesat free to view channels when/if you end your sky subscription.

Only time I get any problems is in bad weather which sometimes affects rooftop aerial signal. Ditto for the Sat dish. Not had any problems viewing content via Internet (FTTC)

  Forum Editor 14:16 21 Jan 2017


Many thanks.

My Sony Smart TV comes with YouView and Freesat built in, and in any case, BT provide a YouView Ultra+HD box as part of the package.

What I am interested in is the BT TV service quality.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:06 21 Jan 2017

Cannot comment on the BT YouView Ultra+HD box but, we have had BT TV for about four years and have had no problems with the service, especially since we finally got fibre and our HD box delivers fine picture quality.

  morddwyd 17:53 21 Jan 2017

Advise caution - they've just abbounced across the board price rises.

Although with Sky I have the BT Sport channels as an addition.

I find them expensive and the service rubbish.

As soo as I can find the relevant sports elsewhere (MotoGP and speedway GP) I will dump them.

  canarieslover 20:27 21 Jan 2017

Like morddwyd I only have BT sport for the motorcycle sport, the rest I could well do without. Overall my experience with BT is that the Youview box is prone to seizure on a fairly regular basis despite being in a well ventilated space. Also my unlimited fibre broadband is not so good as at the start of my contract. I will probably look elsewhere when contract is up for renewal.

  Forum Editor 13:52 22 Jan 2017

Thanks, everyone.

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