Do you need a 7mp camera

  VNAM75 12:44 13 Nov 2006

I'm thinking of getting the Canon Ixus 65 digital camera

click here

It has 6mp and I have been told that would be sufficient. Would 7mp be overkill for a general user? I've also heard 7mp+ is only needed if you are a professional photographer and you need to "blow up" (expand?) the photo. Taking at higher than about 6 mp would actually give a distorted picture compared to, say, 5mp. Is this true?

  fazer 12:56 13 Nov 2006

Its all down to resolution and to be honest,there's reams and reams of information on the subject on the internet.

You are right in that as a rule-of-thumb, the greater the resolution you have the greater the size you can print and still maintain detail. That is however a very simplified summary!

I personally would go for a higher resoution camera but there are so many other factors involved in deciding to buy a camera - other qualities like optics, optional controls, and price.

Your statement regarding distortion at higher resoutions is a load of rubbish - where did that come from?

  VNAM75 13:01 13 Nov 2006

I may have misinterpreted regarding the distortions. My bothers colleague at work who is a professional photographer says for the normal user it is not necessary to go above 5 or 6mp.

  fazer 13:09 13 Nov 2006

Your brothers colleague is right - for straight forward photography, this resolution is more than adequate.

Don't forget to look for other features that may be useful for your intended use. :-)

  VNAM75 13:20 13 Nov 2006

OK thanks. I think the Canon Ixus 65 (6mp) is a safe choice and has everything mentioned above? I also hear it is rated among the best.

  [email protected] 16:15 13 Nov 2006

My dad bought a 3.2MP camera quite a few years ago for £350. He dosen't usually take the photos at maximum resolution and even still the quality of them is perfect. At the full 3.2MP resolution you can zoom in really far and still the quality is good.

I would therefore expect a 6MP camera to be more than good enough.

  Kate B 23:22 13 Nov 2006

More important is the lens quality. See if you can take some test shots with the camera you're thinking of buying and take them of from a few feet away of the door or window frame and of trees against the sky. Look out for distortion in the pictures of the doorframe: you often see barrel distortion (ie the verticals appear to bow outwards) like this click here and purple fringing around the branches click here for a really bad example of it.

  Stuartli 23:24 13 Nov 2006

I get excellent and detailed A4 photographs from my 2MP Minolta E203, which is about four years old.

However, the more resolution available the better for enlarging smaller areas of photographic files and still maintain quality.

  VNAM75 23:28 13 Nov 2006

Thanks. My 2mp camera on my phone is only OK, but I want something special for when I go to China and Hong Kong. Canon have a good reputation and I also like the design of this model.

  LANDCRUISER 23:14 20 Nov 2006

If you are going to hong kong buy your camera there you will save money,or upgrade,when i went 10yrs ago the prices were far less than the uk

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