Do I have an adware virus on my phone?

  Sealand1 22:41 17 Jan 2019

I have random pop ups on my phone. They mostly happen on the main screen. I did a factory reset and they are still here but they were not here when I got my phone. Is it adware? I have also had lots of __is not responding since getting the pop ups. My phone is a Moto c. Also all the pop ups lead to a site called priceloose. Please help.

Thank you

  lotvic 22:17 18 Jan 2019

Guide to removing unwanted pop-ups malware etc. Google support article click here

  elsablack005 11:58 21 Jan 2019

The below mentioned are some of the symptoms of your smartphone being affected by adware virus, check it out. Dropped Calls And Disruptions. Mobile malware can affect ongoing or incoming calls. ... Inordinately Large Phone Bills. Android malware often infects devices and starts sending SMS (text) messages to premium-rated numbers. ... Data Plan Spikes. ... Clogged Performance.

  SFCable 06:39 23 Jan 2019

Its simple if your phone has adware pop up ads will show up just like that with no particular app opened

  xavier1945 12:37 25 Jan 2019

Just simply install Malwarebytes, run it and it will tell you if you have anything suspicious in your phone. If it finds it, so delete it ASAP. and keep Malwarebytes.

  wee eddie 01:21 28 Jan 2019

fixer is a Spammer - FE told

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