Do I buy the Samsung galaxy note 8 or LG g7 /v30.

  Dan R Bailey 15:47 07 Mar 2019

I'm undecided on which of these items to get. Audio is a big deal breaker for me and from what I've read the LG is the better device for this, I know all round the note 8 is most likely the sensible option, its just that the audio let's it down when compared to the LG from various reads.any ideas on these two or other options. Thanks

  wee eddie 17:03 07 Mar 2019

Audio through your head set, whatever it is, will be similar.

Audio through the built-in Speakers will be pathetic, it always is, regardless of what anyone says

  harrys56431 09:06 11 May 2019

Samsung Note 8 is the best phone among these 3 phones which you are considering. Note 8 has the many features like longest battery, sensors and many more.

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