Do any microsoft programs include the much needed 'windows installer' files?

  theDarkness 21:44 28 Oct 2008

I have tried to install norton antivirus on a brand new xp home sp2 machine. I am told i need to download 'windows installer' for the installation of norton to continue, but i do not have the internet on this machine or access to it through any other at present (am using a mobile). I am wondering if any software i have on disc may include the much needed installer files for the process to continue? Only a select minority of programs seem to require these files, other programs install and run with no problems. thanks for any info

  Stuartli 21:47 28 Oct 2008

It can be found on the Microsoft website or:

click here

  Stuartli 21:49 28 Oct 2008

Also see:

click here

  theDarkness 22:03 28 Oct 2008

thanks for the quick links, but i was actually wondering if it ever appears on disc, eg installs or asks if its needed, along with related software that might need it. i cannot download from the net at the moment as im using a mobile phone on here right now!.. Thanks though

  Stuartli 23:15 28 Oct 2008

Your XP SP2 setup should have Windows Installer 3.0 already installed - SP3 includes version 3.1 and Vista 3.0.

Try going to Start>Run and typing in:

sfc /scannow (note the space)

and hit OK.

You will probably need your XP disk handy.

  Stuartli 23:16 28 Oct 2008

..should be "..Vista 4.0"

  theDarkness 23:34 28 Oct 2008

I did what you said, it asked me to insert my xp pro disc (even though its xp sp2!). i clicked 'add new components' and it shows me what is installed. Windows installer isnt in the list though. The only things that have not been installed so far are fax services, indexing services, management and monitoring tools, networking service, and outlook express. Nothing mentions an installer service?

  theDarkness 23:49 28 Oct 2008

Oops! i am rubbish.. I did a google.. "install net framework" was on the first menu, i think this comes with the windows installer? i wonder as to why its here as an optional component when some programs need it to install. Its only framework 1.1 so im not sure which version of installer it might have. If at all! restarting pc and crossing fingers..

  theDarkness 00:18 29 Oct 2008

didnt solve it :( lol. Im certain ive done this all before, and not so long ago, cant remember if i had solved it before but i cant click to view my previous posts on this site for some reason, nothing happens.. mobile playing up i think! Haha. Did i click on the correct file to download?

  Stuartli 12:58 29 Oct 2008

.NETFramework isn't connected with Windows Installer other than you need the latter to install .NETFramework...:-)

The simple answer to your problem is to download Windows Installer 3.1 from:

click here

even if you have to beg, steal or borrow someone else's system and transfer it to a memory card or pen drive.

  theDarkness 15:04 29 Oct 2008

so what would i have needed to click on from my install disc to get the installer, if framenetwork is unrelated? Ill try downloading the file again since its only a couple of meg using this mobile :O ps framework 1.1 did install ok, it was the only version that came included on my sp2 disc. If i remember correctly i think some progs still need framework 2 to work or install? I cant understand it as i have the net using this mobile and i managed to get around this whole missing files issue before, so i must surely have the installer file or framework 2 on disc.. somewhere! thanks

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